About a month ago I had the incredible opportunity to star in a music video along side Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the incredibly talented Producer/DJ duo, The Chainsmokers (DimMak/Republic/Universal).

You may know them from their song "#Selfie" which was a viral hit in 2014, peaking at No. 1 on Billboards New Release Chart and the iTunes Dance Song Chart as well as the Top 20 on Billboard Hot 100 with over 300 Million hits on YouTube. Beyond their success with their songs "#Selfie" and "Kanye", Alex and Drew are highly prevalent in the EDM scene having played at such music festivals as EDC, Ultra, TomorrowWorld, Tomorrowland, Escape, Life in Color, and so many more. The Chainsmokers were recently named on DJ Magazine's Top 100 DJs List - a well deserved honor!

The music video was for their new song "Let You Go", which was actually written before #Selfie. The Chainsmokers were especially excited to release this new song because it's closer to the sound that they are most passionate about. They have some incredible new music coming out and some really exciting collaborations. These guys are truly amazing!

 Filming this music video was so much fun! We shot for three days, 12-15 hour days with an incredibly talented crew. 

It was the first time that Alex and Drew had starred in their own music video and they were naturals! They were both so incredibly kind and respectful. Not to mention absolutely hilarious! They definitely made the long hours go by like nothing.

Director Joe Zohar of Moving Box Studios was an absolute dream to work with. He had a clear vision and executed it professionally and creatively. He was especially wonderful to work with because he let Alex, Drew and me play around and improvise. With a video as funny and playful as this, it was imperative to allow for improvisation and fun, and Joe had the eye to help us get into those situations and characters all while having fun and meeting the vision Alex and Drew wanted to achieve for their video. A Director/Actor relationship is nothing without trust, and Joe certainly had that. 


One of my favorite parts of shooting was when we got to ride on the moped with the sidecar attached. Despite the rain, the whole crew pulled together and made that scene happen! Our amazing stunt man, Nick Carraro, was great to work with- and even looked crazily similar to Alex! 

Another fun experience was shooting at Runyon Canyon. For any of you who have hiked the steep trails there before, you'll know how crazy beautiful it is up there! There's nothing more breathtaking than seeing a view of the city while the sky changes from magic hour to blue hour. Hiking up to the top of the mountain in heels was quite a workout and no easy feat- thank god I'm used to being in heels from all my modeling work, I'm proud to say that I did not fall!

Let's talk about that threesome scene. Alex, Drew and I all had never filmed anything like this before so it was a completely new experience for us. We filmed the scene at the end of the second day of shooting so we'd all gotten to know each other fairly well and had been having a great time on set together. Luckily enough, all of us are in relationships so we were on the same boat and are so incredibly lucky to have had the full support of our significant others going into this! That said, we made sure to be respectful of each other and our significant others every step of the way. It was such a weird experience and starting out, I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I'm a Director/Producer and Model so it was important to me going in that this would be shot in a tasteful way. After the first take, Joe and the DP, Gabe Harden, showed me what it looked like. I was blown away with how beautiful the lighting and camera movement was. Seeing what they captured immediately put me at ease and allowed me to move forward with confidence and complete trust in the crew. The sex toys that Art Director Sallie Falls found were incredibly hilarious and fun to joke around with. 

Lastly I'd have to say that my absolute favorite part from working on this music video was working with the entire crew! They are all such talented and creative people. Be sure to check them all out and see their amazing work!


Joe Zohar - Director
Alison Lani - Producer
Steve Vasquez - Producer
Gabe Harden - DP
Andrew Inglin - A.C.
Sallie Falls - Art Director
Annie & Hannah - Wardrobe
Emily Andersen - Hair & Makeup
Nick Carraro - Stunt Coordinator

I am so incredibly thankful to have had this opportunity and can't wait to see where it leads me in my career! I also couldn't be more excited for Alex and Drew, they have an amazing career ahead of them! I hope you all enjoy the video!

Check out the official video release article on Entertainment Weekly here.